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Our vision at RMA is “Inspiring our people to deliver the best engineering outcomes to all of our clients, every time”. Our focus is on engaging people with the right skills and commitment to our core values, and then empowering and developing them so they reach their potential and continue to grow.
We have fostered a collaborative environment in which we encourage all our staff to be commercial, pragmatic and focused on delivering exceptional client service.
Our team is diverse in their skills, experience and perspectives, and united in their commitment to understanding what success means to our clients and their organisations.

"Working here has been a very enjoyable experience. My time here so far has been great, surrounded by great work mates and also excitement in getting my upskilling happening very quickly. These important things make each day easier, and are integral to creating a happy work crew who get things done the best they can."

Tom, Technical Officer

To me RMA Soils isn’t just a workplace, It’s a place of respect, trust, teamwork, innovation and commitment. We as a collective are always searching for ways to do what we do even better. We work and live by great culture - the atmosphere at RMA really is something you need to experience.

Dylan, Team Leader

"The morals and willingness of the leaders at RMA to assist anyone in need is inspirational. In recent times I have learnt to take a step back to enjoy a better work/life balance, and RMA definitely offers this. One thing that keeps me coming back each day is the quality of the people I am working with and how genuinely nice the staff are that currently work here."

Phillip, Senior Technical Officer

"Working at RMA Soils is like you are part of something special. I walk in the door with a smile, and finish the day with a smile. RMA Soils value every team member no matter your title we all have the same goal and that is for RMA Soils to be a success. Everyone is willing to help each other and work as a team. I have never worked with a better team of people."

Lauren, Office Administration

"RMA Soils is a great learning and working environment because everyone is inclusive, friendly and helpful. I thoroughly enjoy my job."

Emma, Trainee Technical
From charity events through to regular team gatherings, we are not just technicians, engineers and drafters; we are mad golfers, fearless rally car drivers, soccer stars and BBQ kings. Check out these photos for some of the surviving “evidence”. Alternatively, check us out on Facebook.