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We provide geotechnical services to a broad range of infrastructure clients from local and state government departments through to large contractors and consortium’s.

Our experienced and dedicated team have the capacity to provide quality testing from the initial design phase right through to the construction phase of a major infrastructure project.

Our infrastructure clients benefit from our flexibility of service, NATA accredited laboratory and technical experts. We understand the importance of a prompt turnaround of accurate results, this service is fundamental part of our business.

In addition to our geotechnical services, our sister company RMA Engineers is able to support our infrastructure clients with a wide variety of engineering services.

RMA Soils services include:

Geotechnical Investigation for Bridges
Bored Pile Supervision
Road alignment Investigations
Pavement investigation
Road furniture foundation investigation
Construction materials testing during construction

We provide a broad range of soil services and solutions for our commercial clients and their projects.

Our investigation, testing and reporting services identifies suitability of the site for the proposed works along with the site ground conditions and  potential risks for built form projects.

This knowledge helps inform design parameters and aids in the determination of construction works for our client’s commercial building projects.

Our experience includes education facilities, hospitals and aged care developments through to retail and industrial projects.

RMA soils provide a full suite of services for commercial projects including:

Documentation and reporting for ground engineering problems including embankments, soft or expansive soils, slope stability, foundations and pavements
Geotechnical advice, inspections and testing during construction
Site investigation
NATA accredited laboratory testing services
Land Development

From site investigation and classification through to on-site construction support, we can provide the full range of geotechnical and geological services required to support project delivery for our land development clients.

We have extensive knowledge of ground conditions throughout South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales,  allowing us to effectively collaborate with our clients to provide cost effective advice, testing and reporting.

Our services include;

Assisting all the way through a project cycle from due diligence to construction phase, including terrain evaluation and land capability, salinity and acid sulphate assessment, slope risk assessment, geotechnical hazard identification, and risk management
Planning, coordinating, and conducting CMT for subdivision development, Level 1 Inspection & Testing of bulk earthworks, Level 2 Sampling & Testing for infrastructure construction, and managing these aspects to comply with the project specifications
Providing comprehensive NATA endorsed reporting to add to quality documentation for submission to Council

Our geotechnical and geological consultancy, testing and reporting services will provide you with the information you need to be able to make the best choices for your operation.

We provide the following agriculture services:

Assisting with site selection and terrain evaluation for development projects
Full construction phase services, including Level 1 inspections and construction materials testing


Domestic + Multi Unit

Our technical officers have a wealth of experience providing soil testing for residential and multi-unit construction projects throughout South East Queensland.

Our site classifiers are fully qualified and registered in accordance with Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) requirements along with our NATA Accredited laboratory gives our clients assurance of quality work and compliance.

Our testing services for residential and multi unit developments include:

Residential slope stability assessments
Standard site investigation (soil test) for land purchase and building estimation purposes
Level 1 and Level 2 building platform compaction control
Site & soil assessment for effluent disposal