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Our vision at RMA Soils is “Inspiring our people to deliver the best engineering outcomes to all of our clients, every time”.

Our focus is on engaging people with the right skills and commitment to our core values, and then empowering and developing them so they reach their potential and continue to grow.

Danny Coleborn
Director and Technical Principal

Danny is a Director and Chief Operating Officer for RMA Soils. He brings to the role a high level of expertise in engineering geological services both in RMA and the Department of Transport and Main Roads. Danny has developed extensive knowledge of soils and geology of the Darling Downs and Surat Basin through his work on more than 5,000 investigation sites.

Danny ensures that RMA Soils delivers high quality services and that all equipment and procedures are maintained at current industry standards. He also recognises the challenges clients face in the project start-up phase, and ensures that RMA Soils services are delivered on time and on budget.

Daniel Keogh
Senior Technical Officer and Operations Manager

Daniel's focus is to make certain that RMA Soils delivers high quality services to our clients every time, whilst ensuring that all equipment and procedures are maintained at NATA Accreditation standards.

Daniel is also an experienced Technical Officer in specialised testing techniques within civil construction, mining and residential work environments. Daniel holds a QBCC site classifiers licence and has extensive experience in site classification, slope stability assessments, earthworks supervision, material testing reports and NATA signatory for testing and reports.

Daniel Keogh
Danny Coleborn