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The Leas Development located on Hume Street in Toowoomba is a a 136-lot residential subdivision. RMA Soils were engaged to provide the construction materials testing for the subdivision which included the bulk earthworks cut and fill for the majority of the allotments, service trench installation (some were up to 5m in depth) and road pavement construction. The objective of the testing was to provide quality control of the construction methods used to construct the allotment platforms, backfill of the service trenches and construction of the internal and external roads.

This works included Level 1 Inspection & Compaction Control Testing for the detention basin & building platform fill construction and Level 2 Sampling & Compaction Control Testing for the roads, road widenings and service trenches. Both Level 1 Inspection & Testing and Level 2 Sampling and Testing were carried out to Australian Standards AS3798.

While we were on site undertaking Level 1 & 2 works, we provided geotechnical advice to contractors for trench wall stability to allow them to move keep the project moving forward to meet agreed timeframes and budgets.